Is the software you run getting the job done?

Dee-Web can offer solutions that will bring you up to date with the latest in Web based, database controlled Intranet solutions. Our solutions bring you the best in collaboration and accessibility.

We use the same knowledge and ability that we use to create Web Sites to empower your office. Dee-Web can provide you with the tools to manage your internal data the same way we manage your Web Site data.

In fact, Dee-Web designs our clients’ Web Sites utilizing databases, so it is a natural extension to use the same processes on the the data in your internal network.

But what does this really mean to you?

Our software solutions give you many advantages.


It may not be something you’ve put a lot of thought into but, who controls your data? If your old software was written to utilize a non-competitive, proprietary format you can get “stuck” with that vendor. Would you allow yourself to get “stuck” with a single vendor for any other aspect of you business? Unlikely. So why allow it with your software? Dee-Web uses a mixture of Open Source and Closed Source software to give you all the advantages of each. Your data will always be kept in an easily accessible Open Source Database. This means your data stays your data. Does this put Dee-Web at a disadvantage? Only if you think that superior software and strong customer service are not the way to compete. It forces Dee-Web to provide the best possible service and solutions to ensure long standing relationships with our clients. We are prepared to provide it.

It also gives you the freedom of platform independence. You may have several platforms already or you may be interested in examining new platforms in the future. Our solutions enable you to not have to worry about what platforms you run or may want to run in the future. So as long as your Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, etc. computers are equipped with a web browser, you can get the work done.

Easy Maintenance.

Since our applications are client-server (web based) it means that when it is time to upgrade, it is only done once and all employees are instantly upgraded. Also, since we routinely provide a server to accommodate your new software, we can assist in maintaining it for you. Even remotely. The power and flexibility of our solutions will really show through with our support.

Easy Training.

Have you and your employees been on the Web? Well you’re already half way there. Our solutions run in your web browser and provide a familiar and friendly interface. It will require much less training and your employees will grasp things much quicker because they are already familiar with web browser operation and utilization of browser based forms and links.


When you have new needs or greater functionality Dee-Web can quickly integrate, yes integrate, these new features more easily then having many “stand-alone” applications. Since all of your information would be stored in the same database, new features and functions will be able to “cross-connect” to your existing data. This means you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Also, the impressive power of the database software that we use allows for an almost limitless set of functionality.

Another flexibility feature is the ability for your employees to “roam”. They can hop on any computer with a web browser and log-in to accomplish their work. This is not just limited to the office either. We can enable the system to work across the LAN, WAN or Internet with virtual transparency. Imagine that your team has spent all day on a project and then, after everyone has gone home for the evening, a team member gets a new inspiration to solve a perplexing problem. With our collaborative capabilities and seamless Internet accessibility, they can log-in from their home and get the ideas entered in while they are still fresh. This is not power you can get just anywhere. Dee-Web can provide it.

And More…

Dee-Web can also show you alternatives to your current productivity software (OS, Office Suite, etc.). This is even more relevent with Microsoft’s recent changes in licensing. We can show you inexpensive, powerful software choices that will eliminate the costly “License Compliance” issues.