Doing business on the web is no longer an issue of “if” you should be doing it. It is “when” are you going to implement the web strategies to move yourself into the next level.

Dee-Web can get you on the fast track to achieving your E-Commerce plans or assist you in developing what those plans should be. With our expertise in web applications and dynamic, database driven web sites, we can implement any range of E-Commerce services you may need.

Shopping Carts and on-line purchasing are areas that can pose problems for many small businesses trying to test the waters or get something up while the rest of their E-Commerce initiatives are planned and developed. Dee-Web can offer both standard and customized Product Sale Applications. We have written everything in house so we can do any level of customization you may require. But even our standard offerings are powerful and flexible.

We also have partnered with one of the largest Internet Credit Card Processors to help get you set-up with a merchant account for secure, automated payments. We can inform you of your options and help you get only what you need and what fits your business model. If you already have a merchant account, we can also work with them to help get things going smoothly. We have worked with many of the various offerings and can also adapt to your needs.

E-Commerce can mean a lot of things these days.

It is no longer just about a shopping cart.

E-Commerce can extend into any facet of your business. By now you are already doing some E-Commerce without even knowing it. Sending e-mails and documents to accelerate order processing with vendors and distributors. But these methods are cumbersome and time consuming.

Dee-Web can help develop and implement E-Commerce strategies that increase productivity and help automate order processing and inventory management. We could also develop document distribution methods such as distributing tech bulletins, sales reports, inventory reports, news letters and other information sources that you need your distributors, sales personnel, partners, etc. to have available and up to date to keep your business running at maximum efficiency.

Another use for your web site could be for customer relations and support services. Since it is working 24/7 your customers could retrieve information from your web site when they need it. They could also request appointments, schedule deliveries, search a knowledge base and many more options.

See what Dee-Web can do to help your business become more efficient and add value to your customers.